Hou Canoes Presents

the Ulster Canoe Festival

8th - 10th September 2017

This year at the Ulster Canoe Festival we offered even more!

Hou Canoes was the prime event sponsor again and were onsite at the campsite and around the venues.
The package included 2 nights camping, 2 days worth of paddling sessions with a selection of some of the top open boat coaches, a meal on the Saturday evening, an event t-shirt or neck warmer, plus a fantastic talk from Colin Skeath, the first person to circumnavigate Britain in an open canoe.

We were located at Portneal Lodge on the banks of the river Bann, half a mile from the market town of Kilrea. Portneal Lodge was ideally situated for our needs - right on the river with plenty of space to camp, close enough to the town and unlimited supplies of all types of water.

All this, for only £45!

Skill Sessions

The following are some of the Skills and Coaching Sessions that will be on offer at the Ulster Canoe Festival.
Please check the descriptions and ensure your skill level is suitable for the sessions you choose.

Moving Water skills

Step up from your touring and get your boat working in moving water. These sessions will have lots of tips and playing in the flow

A good understanding of reading flows is required for this session

Alternative Propulsion

This workshop will show you efficient ways of making your journey easier when paddling isn't the best option. Lining, tracking, sailing and poling allow you to keep moving.

Open to all skill levels

Journey Skills

Paddling is much more enjoyable if you build up a good arsenal of techniques to enjoy the water. Preparation, efficient paddling, reading the water and other skills all play a part in making every day a good day on the water.

Open to all skill levels.

Freestyle Skills

Grace and poise, balance and beautiful fluid movement - a ballet on water. Maybe you won't become a black swan on your first attempt, but this session will certainly help improve your boat control

Open to all skill levels

Camp Cooking

If you want to lift your lunch stop beyond the cheese sandwich and a mars bar, this session will whet your appetite and give you a few ideas to improve your camp cuisine.

Open to all skill levels - and none.

Open Water paddling

When you are exposed to wide expanses of water - this session will teach you how to read the water and plan your trip. Looking at various factors that will affect your journey and arming your with the tools to have confidence on bigger trips.

A competent level of paddling recommended

Camp Craft

Your canoe can carry weeks of camping kit; This session will look at useful skills in and around camp so you can enjoy multi-day trips.

Open to all skills levels - and none

Coastal paddling

Jules Burnard from Voyageur coaching will be leading this advanced session on coastal paddling. Learn a whole new set of canoe skills to help you take on the ocean.

Advanced paddlers only.

Coaches and Leaders

We've confirmed several top coaches for 2017; many returning from last year and a couple of excellent coaches who are getting involved with the Ulster Canoe Festival for the first time. Coaching sessions will showcase the very best, with a range of local knowledge and decades of coaching experience

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